Sales Management - LATAM

Deputy Manager-Sourcing

Mumbai, IndiaFull Time Senior level


Functional Competencies

1. Supplier management = To develop and maintain long-term relationships with trading partners who can help the purchaser meet profitability and customer satisfaction goals.

2. Technical negotiation skills =To demonstrate skill in effective communicating, problem solving, and negotiating with a focus on party interests.

3.  Logistics = To obtain, produce, and distribute materials and products in the proper places and in the proper quantities and maximize freight loads while minimizing freight costs.

4. Technical requirements analysis and understanding = To analyse the mandatory technical requirements to manufacture a key material and select suppliers based on these technical requirements.

5. Quality management = To ensure supplier's consistent and sustainable product quality based on ISO/ASTM/JIS/DIN standards.

6. Project management = To achieve project goals and objectives while honouring the project constraints, typically scope, time, and budget.

7. Supply risk management = To identify risks affecting supply, transformation, delivery, and customer demand. To develop strategies such as dual sourcing, buffering, and forward buying that minimize financial impact uncertainties such as yields, timing, pricing, and catastrophic events.

8. Strategic sourcing = To locate and source key materials suppliers, while analysing the total cost associated with procuring an item or service.

Company Competencies

9.  General computer skills = To use Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, intranet, internet depending on the needs and at the level needed for the work application (kinds of documents produced and speed of the work).

10. ERP competencies (AX) = To use the system to properly manage and control Sales, Planning, Production and Account/Finance.

General Competencies

Educational Background:

Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or Business Administration or related fields.

Work Experience:

At least 8 years’ experience in a Procurement & Sourcing position (preferable in manufacturing background).

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